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Oct 01, �� I’m currently playing as beastmen and I’m raiding several Empire provinces. Nevertheless, since a few turns, the income from raiding dropped to 0 in a few provinces, and I’m not sure why. The city in this province is certainly not besieged, therefore I should earn money through raiding, should never I? Can someone please explain to me how the actual quantity of income from raiding is determined and exactly how . TBH it’s kinda unfair that you’ll get a penalty for saving your very own places from what exactly is practically an invading power. A raiding army should get a penalty where they may be attacked by whoever they raided for 3 turns without one becoming considered an act of war or that it lowers your reliable rating. Raiding Camp. From Total War: WARHAMMER Wiki. Jump to: navigation., research. Raiding Camp is an unique stance available to Norscan armies. It integrates the consequences of encamp and raiding, and replaces encamp for them. Greenskins have actually the same stance called Raidin’ Camp.


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Dec 02, �� Raiding is useless, the AI should just not waste it’s the perfect time. Only time Raiding is possibly helpful is if you’ve planned on declaring war on someone in some turns, and possess an army already in their places when preparing. Saves you a bit on maintenance. Pyrrhic Victory and Valiant Defeat are my two favorite items to see as battle results. Raiding: Building Levels Degree 1 – Raiding Camp. Those above are now actually simply hunted animals in their own dwellings � no dark part is safe. Income gained from neighborhood settlement’s income: 10% TWW2 DB is a Database for the Total War: WARHAMMER II strategy game. TBH it’s kinda unfair you will get a penalty for saving your own personal lands from what is almost an invading force. A raiding army should get a penalty where they may be assaulted by anyone who they raided for 3 turns without it being considered an act of war or it reduces your dependable rating.
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Raiding armies should be targetable without going to war : totalwar

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Welcome Please sign up for complete War Access to make use of the discussion boards. Check In Enter. Groups Pnshmnt Member Users Blogs: December edited December as a whole Discussion. Hello Just voicing a personal gripe and wondering if men and women feel the same. I feel the raiding auto mechanic is only a little down and sometimes annoys me would you have the same in regards to the raiding? Have you got a significantly better option? Article edited by Cpl. Pnshmnt on December December edited December they’ve tested this game therefore much, provided perfect balance!

I don’t understand what you’re discussing guy! These 43 dudes messing around are choking your 15k guys towns like should they wer 2 hundreds of thousands? Game mecanic logics! And after that you have unlimited rebellions with this region? Do not do war, do serenity and love. Take a look at my incredible Youtube account! Consent totally OP. A bit more sophistication in how that is applied would make this feature more pleasurable and immersive! Bashdown blogged: �. I really don’t see any have to reduce steadily the penalty according to size.

If the raiders had been powerful enough to just take your settlements they’d just do that rather. With all the penalty always in position you are going to sooner or later get a revolt but those are easily battled down when they happen near a walled settlement. Sooner or later they will attack the settlement and perish. For most of the campaign I had 4 armies expanding and 2 coping with internal revolts.

I now have 0 armies dealing with interior revolts and allow the garrisons handle them when they attack. Also the maximum amount of of my infrastructure has become entering its own the revolts are less frequent. I swear this specific concept happens to be published already. The sole input I have actually on Raiding in general is that it really is completely worthless. Why raid when you can finally just take their particular regions? When they raid you, simply do not be at your army limitation, ‘raise an army’ immediately nearby the raiders, and break these with insta-mercs, disbanding them instantly afterwards.

Works for any adversary invasion force really, possibly recruit a couple of actual units in the event that adversary force is adequate. They should really just rework the army stances as a whole. Just Fortify jobs is beneficial rather than unbalanced. Raiding and Ambushing are useless opportunity to ambush. Chance is bad. If required march armies could engage required march armies that might be okay Anyways, off track. Raiding is useless, the AI should just not waste it’s the perfect time.

Just time Raiding is maybe helpful is if you plan on declaring war on some body in a few turns, and also an army already within their lands in preparation. Saves you a bit on maintenance. Pyrrhic Victory and Valiant Defeat are my two favorite things to see as struggle outcomes. Discovered the chart, fought a battle, scarcely winded. Sprinted for about 20 seconds, instant fatigue. Yay Fast Speed. MyNameBeatsYours published: �. Register or enroll to review.

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