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there is less bosses in later worlds due to your game being abandoned Sprites for thumbnail ripped by:Dimentio44,,Tonberry2k,Yawackhary,Gussprint,Chee. This is actually the sci-fi themed world for Super Mario Fusion Revival. Characters from Star Fox, Halo, and Gradius are found here, in addition to a return appearance by the Mars Individuals. Water of Tranquility (Cap’n Coconuts) Security Grid (Riverroad) 6-TOWN: Great Fox Covenant Assault (JudgeSpear) 6-F1: RGB Caves (Gladiacloud). Super Mario Fusion: Revival (abbreviated to SMF:R) is a sister fangame project to Mushroom Kingdom Fusion based on hi motor 4. It’s a stronger consider the Mario-series type of game play. SMF:R need some crossover levels according to other game franchises, however unlike MKF it’ll .


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Super Mario Fusion: Revival () By: Cap’n Coconuts, the Fusion Team. Guide Mario and organization because they travel through the Mushroom Kingdom along with other dimensions. This really is much like what Mushroom Kingdom Fusion ended up being when it absolutely was referred to as Super Mario Fusion: Mushroom Kingdom Hearts. SMF:R has a number of features that its bulkier bro does not, including the mount system (which . Super Mario Fusion: Revival is a sister fangame project to Mushroom Kingdom Fusion based on Hello Engine 4. this system lets you play as either Mario and Peach, each along with their own special leaps. You could also meet characters off their game show as you progress through the game story. Share your videos with friends, family, and also the world.
Super Mario Fusion: Revival
Super Mario Fusion Revival 0.3.1 Beta
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That is a frequently updated list of levels in development for Super Mario Fusion: Revival. Level development is currently accepting general public efforts. Go to this topic at the Fusion Gameworks forums you’ll need to join up a user account around to create and make a claim.

When making an amount, make sure you proceed with the SMF:R amount design guidelines and advisories as well as reading the particular level design tutorial here if you are unfamiliar with Game Maker or don’t have a lot of or no amount design knowledge. This level is almost certainly not reported because of the average man or woman.

The core development team features unique legal rights to it. This amount is unclaimed. Anybody developer or outside factor can claim it. Degree has been reported. Amount is a current work in development. Amount is finished and posted, although not merged in to the main resource. Amount is completed and officially when you look at the source. Map: Click here to look at the full World 1 map. D, JudgeSpear. D, Riverroad, Salvador. Map: view here to look at the entire World 2 map.

Map: Click here to look at the total World 3 map. Definition: Not very the real world, also not quite Hell. Ocean of Oblivion may be the jet of existence that lies between your two; it really is a huge desolate ocean linked because of the Bermuda Triangle to Terra Alternata and Castle Oblivion to Di Yu.

The standard path through the Ocean of Oblivion consist of mostly cycling levels, therefore a Frog suit will certainly be useful. The secret path may include predominantly land-based levels, and a fewer number of amounts when compared to typical path, but all of World 3’s S-levels are up there in difficulty.

The S-route through Ocean of Oblivion is recommended for lots more advanced players. D, Harbige12, smbmaster99, UG. Map: click to view the entire World 4 chart. Di Yu could be the name for the Chinese hell. The imposing Hellfire Citadel could be the base of functions of a demented individual.

D, and Riverroad. D and Riverroad. D and Salvador. Map: Click here to see the entire World 5 Map. The region names was previously in imitation Norwegian; they have been now exotic English brands. This is basically the sci-fi themed world for Super Mario Fusion Revival. As of December 23, , amounts were completed and combined in to the official online game not including classified levels. This wiki. This wiki All wikis. Register don’t possess an account? Begin a Wiki. Level entries are marked as follows to denote their particular development condition: This degree might not be claimed by the general public.

Amount has been claimed Degree is a present operate in progress Amount is finished and submitted, but not merged to the main origin Level is completed and officially in the source. Universal Conquest Wiki.

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