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ROCCAT LUA Tri-Button Gaming Mouse Review.ROCCAT ROCAM LUA Tri-Button Gaming Mouse (ROCAM)


Whether you are right or left-handed, the ambidextrous V-shaped Roccat Lua tri-button gaming mouse is easy and comfortable to make use of even for very long gaming sessions. DPI Optical Sensor If you enjoy shooting games, this Roccat mouse with a dpi optical sensor ensures that . Dec 19,  · For the full review please see overview for the ROCCAT Lua gaming ROC. ROCCAT “Lua” USB Wired Optical dpi Tri-Button Gaming Mouse. ROCCAT Lua is a tri-button gaming mouse with sophisticated manufacturing. Packing a fully-adjustable Pro-Optic sensor in a rugged, ambidextrous V-shape – featuring No-Sweat part grips, soft touch surface, and an eye-catching illuminated ROCCAT logo design – the Lua gives props into the past while heading boldly to the future.


Roccat lua mouse driver.ROCCAT ROCAM LUA Tri-Button Gaming Mouse (ROCAM)

HIGHEST-QUALITY COMPONENTS for a solid create and longest life. dpi optical Sensor – 60 ips optimum speed – 20 Gs of acceleration – Hz polling rate – m USB cable. $ Add Item to record look at Amazon. ROCCAT ROCAM LUA Tri-Button Gaming Mouse, BlackRoccat Tyon R3 Sensor Laser USB Gaming Mouse – Black.. /5. Get OnAmazon. ROCCAT Kone AIMO Gaming Mouse (High Precision, Optical Owl-Eye Sensor ( to DPI), RGB Aimo LED Illumination, 23 Programmable Keys, Designed in Germany) White (Remastered) 5 lighting areas – featuring. Download ROCCAT Lua Mouse Driver (Keyboard & Mouse) Specifications: dpi optical Sensor – 60 ips maximum rate – 20 Gs of speed.
ROCCAT ROC-11-310-AM LUA Tri-Button Gaming Mouse
ROCCAT Lua (ROC-11-310-AM)
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ROCCAT LUA Tri-Button Gaming Mouse Review

Roccat is back with another product and this time they’ve been targetting the entry-segment to compete with companies like CM Storm and Tt eSports and their more afforadable solutions. As they men are hectic in building up their high-end offerings, Roccat inserts themselves within the entry part to cover each of their basics with all the Lua.

Right now the Lua is unreleased which means this will probably be your very first understand this brand-new item. Here are some specs and images:. The Lua comes packaged in a simple box with really distinct Roccat styling. An attempt for the Lua is in the front side that will be more or less similar size whilst the actual item inside. Functions are highlighted in the lower component. Another typical Roccat packaging style is the utilization of slanted box featuring the Roccat logo.

Not so much advertising with this side, but on the reverse side we come across more marketing shows. A quote from Roccat scientist Dr.

Erik J. Dale is created with this side saying:. Now just as much as that seems totally cool moreover it is therefore out of spot and will completely confuse anyone. It appears like something said by a Chinese wiseman or something written in hieroglyphics.

Opening up the packaging, the Roccat Lua is safeguarded by a sandwich of obvious and black colored plastic. Inside we possess the Roccat Lua mouse and a fast Install guide. Nothing else. Roccat fashions their Lua in an all-matte finish, using their particular non-slip grip edges along side a coated human anatomy for a nice, quality experience. Sweet to see Roccat not skimping aside from the Teflon foot too. Dead center we see the Pro-Optic sensor employed by the Lua.

As Roccat prides itself in the customizability of their services and products, we are foregoing this part for the present time and you will be updating it once the driver was provided. Basing on the stock performance though, the Lua is quite receptive and snappy. The middle option below the mouse wheel serves as a DPI switcher which cycles through several sensitivities and is a great inclusion.

Even at its greatest setting, the Lua feels just right and accurate. And it also operates on carpet, smooth surfaces, smooth and difficult mat really nicely. The Roccat Lua is definitely a slim mouse, so its important to see that you will have individuals who have problems holding it with regards to the size of their arms.

Talking about the Savu which suffered from ergonomic problems, the Lua and its extremely different form factor is harder to gauge considering that the size itself presents one thing non-uniform for all.

Overall, the build quality is signature Roccat along with its distinct styling. The all-matte finish we feel will appeal to the majority of gamers and the illuminated Roccat logo is an excellent touch for a budget gaming mouse. The sensor itself is good offering impressive tracking. In addition to that, everything is cool utilizing the Lua.

Its small size also causes it to be a good travel partner. For the price, we now have no issues suggesting the Lua though. A great, small gaming mouse with the correct things, its definitely a change through the current views in this part. EDIT: it appears as though Roccat hasn’t however released this mouse to your market following its expected release time.

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