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Author: Matthias “Matze” Wagner. Function: Map editor. Down load fa2yrzip ( MB) modern form of the semi-official chart editor for Red alarm 2 and Yuri’s Revenge. While v was the last official version endorsed by Westwood, this launch can read ecache (md).mix data, helping to make the editor much more appropriate for mods. To install Red alarm 2/Yuri’s Revenge maps you’ve downloaded, extract them to the folder where you have RA2 installed. Generate Your Own Maps You can create your own maps for Red Alert 2 and Yuri’s payback by using the Final Alert 2 map editor, originally manufactured by Matthias Wagner. Command & beat: Red alarm 2 Map Editor comes as an accessible and easy to make use of tool that permits you to create your own customized maps. It displays a user-friendly program and offers everything you need to construct an original chart. All the building .


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Jun 29,  · If you already haven’t you can download Final alarm 2, the chart editor for Red Alert 2 & Yuri’s Revenge through the link below. CnCNet_Creatives _FinalAlert_z. After you’ve downloaded, extract the map editor to the directory site of your option and . Game C&C Red Alarm 2: Yuri’s Revenge. Rating. ? Watchlist. – Install. Vice City by Xrtist. Vice City by Xrtist A gigantic chart for all kinds of war. Title: Vice City by Xrtist publisher: Final alarm 2 Created: Size: x people: 2 – 8 Place map in your RA2/YR Directory, stock up the game to see the map name. E N J O Y! Vice. Game C&C Red Alert 2. Rating. ? Watchlist. – Install. The Lost Domain () War in the Bridge – ‘War from the Bridge’ is a custom chart that supports a maximum of 4 people and uses the Urban terrain. War in the Bridge. Co-Op Standard Duel. ‘War on the Bridge’ is a custom map that aids a maximum of 4 players and.

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Red Alert 2 Map Editor [Command & Beat: Red Alert 2 Yuri’s Revenge] [Modding Tools]

At subsequent stages of the tutorial you’ll also figure out how to develop full-sized chart previews and in addition with a few backlinks to assist you add modified units to your maps. After you have downloaded, extract the map editor into the directory site of the choice and operate the file called “Final Alert 2” or “RunFA2sp.

You should use the pre-made “Final Alert 2” shortcut within the folder to copy to your desktop or pin to your taskbar. Note: that this version of Final Alert 2 doesn’t come with an installer and it is already pre-enhanced. Should you want to recharge your current installation with this particular type of FA2 just overwrite it with the files from the archive. I have created a couple of programs for Final alarm 2 that automate some traditional chart changes.

The down load includes the following scripts. Now that the chart editor is put in and optimized, why don’t we configure the options to discover the best experience feasible. Many of these options I have learned to make use of through the years, due mainly to finding out that they’ll prevent accidental insects when you look at the maps and take away minor annoyances.

For Final alarm 2 to your workplace perfectly with all the initial online game, configure the ” options ” the following. Generating A New Map. You may also Activate Ai Triggers to produce your chart use a slightly better Ai for the computer opponents. When it comes to reasons with this tutorial, i am going to keep every thing on default to generate a completely brand-new chart. In step three you can set the chart dimensions in tiles, choose a Theater together with beginning height. They are player areas and therefore are also treated as waypoints because of the chart editor. You may use these to mark starting areas for people to help you formulate the chart, as they show up from the minimap as red dots.

Instead, delete all of them and add them to the chart at a later stage using the selection from the remaining. I prefer this procedure to make it more straightforward to develop the chart as it is very difficult to improve water and cliff areas afterwards. I would recommend you to save yourself from some headaches and stick to the exact same process. To include water to the chart select the Water tileset from the selection in the remaining.

By changing the brush size you can change the section of the water which will be put on the chart. The shoreline that AutoShore creates might not be perfect, since you may notice there are several visual errors in the shoreline.

To fix these errors untick the “Disable AutoShore” option through the Options menu and properly paint near the edge of the shoreline with all the liquid tiles. As you move the mouse cursor across the shoreline as the water tile is selected you are going to notice that the shoreline will transform temporarily showing you what the result could be in the event that you put the tile at that place. By visually working through the visual errors you may get the following results. In the event that you attempted to put water from the beginning, without disabling AutoShore from the options, your map could be littered with visual and terrain errors similar to this, therefore it is constantly best to follow the above-described method.

If you can’t avoid putting water this way then to eradicate these errors, Disable AutoShore and Enable AutoLat, making use of the standard tile grass for temperate paint over the erroneous areas carefully. When this little lake is completed we can atart exercising . detail to it.

Start the liquid Tile Set and add some rocks to the water, take into account that the players can’t spot Naval Yards on top of these rocks.

Congratulations you have simply created a human anatomy of water! Prior to starting including cliffs, hills and mountains to your map, make sure you have drawn up a sketch associated with the map that you are causeing this to be makes the process a lot easier and will assist you to plan on how to start adding the tiles. Starting to make a cliff Constantly start making a cliff from the back side as this can make it easier to spot tiles.

Placing Slopes To help make certain that your cliff can moved onto by products, you need to add slopes. The mountains will have to connect with the cliff advantage during the green line in order to prevent any pathfinding insects. Completing the cliff amount once you’ve completed constructing the cliff advantage you are ready to fill it in with landscapes tiles to ensure that units can actually go about it. Make use of the flatten floor device to pull from the cliff advantage until all of the cliff is filled in.

As you may observe, a few of the cells over the side of the cliff don’t get levelled properly. Final Alert 2 has many of these small dilemmas and also as map-makers, we need to be familiar with all of them and discover workarounds. In this case, it’s best to use a 1×1 brush size aided by the heighten floor tool to fill in the problematic areas. When the heighten floor device does not produce desirable outcomes then, you need to use a 2×2 standard lawn tile to fill-in the problematic places. Please be aware that the standard tile differs per chart theatre, the bright lawn could be the default tile for temperate maps.

Select the default tile from the ground menu, in this case it’s bright grass as we’re working on a temperate map. Now our cliff plateau is finished and ready for gameplay! When you have done placing the front side facing tiles and filled it in, it will look something such as this. Manipulating landscapes height. It’s still feasible to add information on top of these ‘hills’ afterwards by carefully painting with a tiny sized brush.

Prior to starting to add sources, switch to the FrameWork Mode as this may allow you to place resources without causing errors. This mode makes it easier to determine what tiles you will be putting the resources overlays on, it is best to stay away from placing sources on cliff tiles or under woods while the sources will likely be inaccessible around. Treasures have actually twice the worthiness of Ore and should be placed in risky areas of the chart where people have to battle over them.

The distance options is the part of effect equal to the brush size setting this is certainly used with tiles. The “Erase single field” alternative will delete overlay for a passing fancy tile.

These erase choices are utilized to contour your resource spots to suit all of them into the surface or to smooth them out and make certain these are generally balanced. If you’d like your chart to regenerate resources as time passes you will need to put “Ore Mines” on the chart, they are often placed in the midst of resource patches. If you don’t include Ore mines to a map then your people can go out of sources in addition to online game could end in a stalemate. To obtain the “Ore Mines” increase the “Terrain Objects” section.

To position them follow on from the selection item and go your cursor into the desired location. As a result of Ore Mine acting like a building the ore behind it must be erased as it is likely to be inaccessible by miners.

To add tech buildings to your chart, expand the buildings menu in the remaining, then expand the Other group.

These buildings are located combined in this directory of natural buildings. These structures would be capturable by people and certainly will let them have advantages and certain bonuses. To place them simply choose all of them through the list and click from the desired area in the map. Most natural civil frameworks may be garrisoned by infantry which gives them with a variety and firepower bonus. These structures should really be carefully placed on the map as to prevent making the gameplay too campy. Infantry that’s deployed between trees will be more tough to crush, Mirage tanks can simply confuse an opponent if held amongst woods, they are able to effortlessly break a taut tank development aswell, allowing a player to make the most.

To start placing trees, expand the “Terrain Objects” selection in the remaining and then expand the group called “Trees”. You can manually select trees with this list and place them on the chart like any various other object or utilize the “Paint Random Trees” option to build a random brush that will vary the tree choice instantly.

Clicking on the “Paint Random Trees” will open up a discussion letting you choose which trees to use for the brush as well as present a preview of what each tree looks like.

After clicking OK just go your mouse cursor around to see an arbitrary tree appear, click to position. If the maps is just covered by grass it may appear a bit boring and flat, so utilizing different types of landscapes tiles is a great solution to add more detail. It is most readily useful done with brush size set to 1×1. To select different tiles increase the ground selection option in the left. By simply holding shift and painting round the terrain randomly is capable of a nice impact, just be cautious around cliffs.

The pavement set can be used to enhance the look of tech and neutral buildings and sometimes even player beginning locations. Conserving your chart. While it might sound quick there are some choices in order to make when saving your chart.

There ought to be nothing, nonetheless, some are dismissed, such a note telling you that the map can simply be played on YR.

Here you are able to choose a name for the chart, create a preview which is used during loading plus in web multiplayer lobby map preview display. For people using customized preview images for their maps, the additional preview choices may be used.

It is also beneficial to define what game settings you’d like your map is playable in, though remember that game modes such Mega Wealth and Land Rush require you to rework your chart. I would suggest opening existing maps which use those game settings to find out whatever they appear to be. Note that to relax and play your maps on CnCNet it is important to copy your chart file to your custom maps folder in the CnCNet directory and alter the file extension from.

Inform me if this guide helped you produce some maps and like or upvote this post. Making Map Previews. To present your maps into the community you are able to render full-size previews of this maps utilizing the CnC Maps Renderer. Grab the latest GUI version from the web link below. Following the grab, extract the installer through the zip archive and do the installation in your preferred directory site. Once installed start it and configure it to get it ready for rendering maps.

Initially, it is important to search to your game installation directory site allowing the renderer discover the game’s blend data that have the photos necessary to make your map previews.

Next, you will need to specify the game that you’re rendering maps for, to prevent any crashes you must Force a game title engine-type.

Here you can enable some useful effects, such highlighting resource areas and establishing starting positions. I’ve mine configured as shown above, for most readily useful experience making full map previews. Browse for the chart file for the Input Map section or instead paste the file road to the area. Once you have browsed for a map, simply click ” Render map ” along with your preview would be generated in the same folder as the chart.

Love producing maps as much as you expect people to take pleasure from playing all of them! All videos by YosefAnan. Great work..

Clear and Cool.. I be prepared to see perfect high cliffs on the maps from now! I just wish there clearly was ways to have a larger reso in last alert.

Presenting GameFace Laboratories Android VR Headset
fifteen.01.2021 [10:00],
Konstantin Khodakovsky

A year ago, Oculus VR developed the very first commercial prototype of the acclaimed Oculus Rift virtual reality headset and sent lots and lots of kits to developers whom supported the project through Kickstarter. During CES 2021, the organization showed another prototype known as Crystal Cove, which, in addition to OLED screens with an answer of 1080p, which managed to get feasible to control the movement Blur impact, also received an external digital camera to improve the precision of motion capture, reduce lags in addition to probability of seasickness. Within the third one-fourth of the year, the consumer version of the item will eventually be circulated at a high price of $ 300. Oculus VR also promises presenting this year a lightweight version of the helmet for mobile phones on Android, and also the company is persuaded that the forex market is much more encouraging for digital truth compared to console.

However, Sony is able to challenge this position – at the end of this past year, there have been first reports of work in development at the business on a VR headset for PS4, and patents posted in November verify this information. Moreover, Sony can also be wagering from the usage of an external digital camera, demonstrably, the PlayStation Camera, that has stereo vision, HD-resolution at 60 frames / s and iisu technology for accurate motion capture.

You may already know, Valve is certainly engaged in the creation of a virtual or augmented reality helmet, the look of that is going to be licensed to interested manufacturing partners. VR support is likely to be built-into Valve products and services, but it is not however known if the commercial services and products would be circulated. But, on January 15-16, during the Steam Dev Days summit, the organization can have a collection of Steam developers’ tools for the Oculus Rift and a helmet from Valve it self, about which, I would personally hope, we are in a position to discover more details.

In addition, we recently reported from the Specialized Illusions CastAR cups project, providing both virtual and augmented truth surroundings, that are becoming manufactured by two previous Valve workers.

CES 2021 introduced the chance to get knowledgeable about the prototype of another virtual reality helmet – from GameFace Labs (GFL). That is a standalone Android device. Presently, the unnamed prototype holds the Mark IV marking, its instance is 3D printed and appears quite dignified. Engadget reporters put it into the test: gaining a wide-angle helmet and holding a Sony DualShock 3 Bluetooth joystick, the ball player moved to the Tuscany demo from the Unity 4 motor, which also handled the Oculus VR Crystal Cove model. And though the resolution ended up being lower, but there have been no wires.

Whenever you click among the three buttons located on the product, the applying selection screen opens up. When launching the Roller Coaster demo, the journalist believed very disorientated and, for the first time when playing in digital reality, a very good sense of sickness. He also noted it is extremely tough to face and keep balance when you’re in virtual reality, and after submiting a circle, the only method to get rid of disorientation and understand which way they have been facing would be to take off the helmet.

The model operates on the all Tegra 4 platform, comes with a 5.2 “AMOLED display with a resolution of 1920 ? 1080 common both for eyes (like in the current Oculus Rift) – nonetheless, a device with additional advanced characteristics should enter the marketplace at the conclusion of 2021. Particularly, the organization is partnering with NVIDIA to leverage its cutting-edge Tegra K1 processor chip with Kepler-based illustrations that meet the requirements associated with Unreal system 4.

Also, according to the official website, the VR-helmet, as well as those already listed, has Wi-Fi, GPS, accelerometer, gyroscope, compass, microSD card reader, features micro-USB 2 ports.0, video result and 3.5mm sound headphone jack. It really is noteworthy that the business claims help for enhanced reality. True, because of this, the unit needs to be designed with at the very least a camera, which can be missing from the model.

GFL normally looking to open an Android VR app shop and is highlighting the Unity toolkit, which powers 6.7% of apps downloaded each day for iOS and Android. The business has released an SDK and also by the full time these devices launches, it promises more than 60 games from 12 studios, including Gameloft, EA Mobile and Rovio. During the existing stage, virtual truth itself makes a powerful effect and, as GFL probably thinks, may well depend on mobile images, which expands its abilities several times each year.

Whatever the prices and technical solutions, but 2021 certainly will mark the beginning of the huge introduction of virtual reality.