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Apr 22,  · Number 3 really bothers me. the demand from the studios, the ISO file playback purpose has been removed in this firmware version. The earlier firmware had the capacity to play ISO data, nonetheless it ended up being an undocumented purpose and had been never ever officially announced or supported. This variation is made for the OPPO BDP and BDP Blu-ray Disc players. Special Notice: When this firmware version is installed on the player, you won’t be able to revert returning to any previous authoritative or general public beta firmware. You will see not a problem improving to any future official or beta firmware release. Oct 27,  · BD-Live & BonusVIEW – The BDP aids BD-Live™ (Profile ) and contains all necessary hardware – audio/video decoder, Ethernet and wireless networking, and 1GB of interior storage space – for ted browsing Time: 9 mins.


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Requires use of OPPO MediaControl App v on the smartphone or tablet. Improved subtitle support for user-created news. Enhanced assistance for user-created WAV data with non-standard metadata tags. Improved gapless playback for / kHz WAV files. Settled an . Jun 03,  · No Oppo newer than the 93 and 95 series can play them after all relating to what I ready, in addition to power to play them on the 93 and 95 was removed sooner or later within the firmware. I’m simply not certain that it had been as well given that removal of ISO playback, or at a later point. Feb 5, # 7 of Oct 27,  · BD-Live & BonusVIEW – The BDP supports BD-Live™ (Profile ) possesses all necessary hardware – audio/video decoder, Ethernet and wireless networking, and 1GB of interior storage space – for ted learning Time: 9 minutes.
OPPO BDP-93/95 FW Update

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Sonica Black. Sonica Gold. Resolved a playback problem where specific ALAC data would create static sound. Enhanced subtitle assistance for user-created media. Enhanced support for user-created WAV files with non-standard metadata tags. Settled a problem with smearing or ghosting impacts in Netflix. Settled a bass administration problem in which the subwoofer would clip when 0 dB indicators were provided for all stations when one presenter ended up being set to little.

Settled a-frame rate conversion concern where 25 Hz and 50 Hz user-created media ended up being converted to 60 Hz when television System had been set-to Multi. Fixed a channel re-mapping mistake where 7. Resolved an issue where “Exiting” YouTube doesn’t return to your home menu. Removed the Picasa application from Home Menu. General disc compatibility improvements predicated on recent and upcoming Blu-ray releases as well as user-submitted disk samples. Expanded the type set collection to guide more languages in external subtitles.

This problem is fixed in this firmware. Resolved a Picture Adjustment issue entirely on firmware. Customers stated that after changing the Picture Adjustment variables for HDMI 1, the worth of Contrast Enhancement would instantly return to 0. It’s already been fixed in this firmware. Resolved a playback issue with regular DVD discs entirely on firmware.

This dilemma was solved in this firmware. Release Notes: Fixed a bug in determining acoustic propagation wait from the “Speaker Distance” parameters of this “Speaker Configuration” establishing. This variation features a whole new user interface. It includes improved transformative online streaming technology that may improve online streaming quality for high-speed internet connections.

The brand new Netflix application should assist clients who’ve reported poor online streaming high quality during top hours. On a related note, recently customers stated that Netflix streaming on OPPO players and other streaming gadgets could become unstable with error message like “not connect with internet”. In our knowledge this matter isn’t due to the player or its firmware upgrade.

It may be either a server-side issue or a Net traffic issue. Should this happen to your product, please report the outage to Netflix. Netflix recommends a troubleshooting method of de-activating the device and re-activating it. Re-activation can be carried out by accessing the Netflix application through the Home Menu.

In most cases, Netflix service can cv working after a couple of tries. The latest Netflix application in this inform includes additional network troubleshooting device that could be used to try your link with Netflix servers. Added the “Digital Concert Hall” application from Berliner Philharmoniker, which offers live and recorded ancient music concerts in HD video from leading orchestras all over the globe.

Removed the “Film Fresh” application which is no more functional due to the company stopping the service. Enhanced Gapless Playback performance. Settled problems such the 2nd track playing twice before going to the 3rd track, and resolved a problem where the Gracenote information could not be fetched when playing WAV files.

On a related note, there was a tiny chance in Gapless Playback mode that the 2nd and successive FLAC or APE data become somewhat sliced off before going to a higher track. It might be linked to the “Compresssion Level” establishing during the file encoding.

Should this happen, please contact OPPO service and provide some sample data. Remedied an issue where user settings Size, Distance, Trim in the Speaker Configuration were improperly put on the Headphone Out signal path.

We revised the algorithm in this firmware while the Headphone Out signal isn’t any longer impacted by the Speaker Configuration changes. Associated with that the digital-to-analog converter DAC used on those two models cannot adjust the quantity for DSD signals, therefore the analog volume level could automatically change back into when a DSD flow is recognized. Improved the file sorting algorithm for the media focus the songs, picture and film choices in the Home Menu.

The player can instantly detect numbers situated at the beginning or end associated with the filenames and sort the data because of the numeric price. Albums with numbered paths will play in the appropriate order. Prolonged help for the PCM audio structure for up to bit, Added the timing adjustment for exterior subtitles. Resolved several issues concerning Gapless athlete, like the track title not receiving refreshed in the Now Playing user interface, and the player getting unresponsive when trying to access a disc within the tray without stopping the presently ongoing Gapless Playback.

Remedied a compatibility problem utilizing the HDMI 2. We added help of these specific VSDB blocks and resolved the no audio issue.

This mistake had been introduced by firmware and this variation corrects it. Settled an audio truncation issue occurring with several DVD-Audio discs. Clients stated that the initial note or two was cut off between track modifications, and when the PREV key had been utilized to restart current track. Warning signs included files becoming skipped, files being used fixed sound, and data resulting in the player to freeze.

The firmware adds more assistance to meta information tags within these data but encounters this problem in the event that meta information tags come in non-standard place. This version further gets better the support for meta information tags and corrects the situation. We caused Dolby and our decoder chip maker to address this sort of audio dropouts. It may happen once the music stream was paused for a few moments then resumed, plus it could be heard through the analog audio outputs, such as the 7.

We improved the audio muting reasoning and have now eliminated this static noise. This explosion of sound was audible in the beginning of a track or when switching to a higher track. It might be heard through the analog audio outputs, including the 7. Added 24 Hz assistance for customer-encoded video files in P24 and P24 platforms. The original frame rate could be preserved when upscaling the content to p, e. Previously, these formats had been frame-rate converted to 60 Hz.

DFF and. The DLNA host must help these formats also. We added special management for this type of “loop” connection and resolved the handshake failure. Nonetheless, we suggest you don’t use this “loop chain” connection because it might cause unforeseen HDMI handshake or CEC results, and sometimes even trigger electrical damage.

Added the “Power On Input” selection which allows the customer to decide which input resource should always be used if the player capabilities on.

Added assistance for automated file and folder sorting when opening SMB servers. The files and folders are actually sorted in alphabetic purchase.

Upgraded the “CinemaNow” and “YouTube” applications. Improved help for CUE playlists. Now, an individual CUE file can suggest several songs files in identical folder. Settled a playback issue with several DVD-Audio discs. Customers stated that after improving to the BDP10X firmware, some DVD-Audio discs would play for a couple moments then the player had been locked up, and all you heard had been white noise.

Resolved a frame rate decoding mistake for 24 Hz video files. This matter happens to be fixed. Resolved a visible streaking concern noticed from the BDPD player. Clients reported that after turning from the Darbee processing, they could see lines or stripes when you look at the back ground details, which became much more obvious after enhancing the Darbee level or switching to Full-Pop mode.

This matter has been dealt with when you look at the official release. Added an experimental “Gapless Playback” function. This particular feature is still under development and could be enhanced in the future firmware releases. This firmware upgraded the software driver for the disc loader and resolved this dilemma.

Solved a compatibility concern with JRiver Media Center pc software. This issue is solved when you look at the release. General disc compatibility improvements centered on present and upcoming Blu-ray releases as well as user-submitted disc samples, test title includes “The Longest Day Blu-ray, “.

This firmware is founded on the present authoritative firmware launch when it comes to BDP and adds support for Darbee. Clients have reported that with normal television playback, if there is any change in the content audio format for example, from Dolby Digital 5. This problem happens to be considerably increased in this firmware. We’re conscious of an audio startup wait issue when switching from a Dolby Digital 5.

Settled an issue in which the player would delay, and quite often freeze entirely, when navigating data on USB connected hard disks. Several clients have reported this issue with their Western Digital outside hard disk drives, plus they had to run along the player then power it back on to bring back its performance. Fixed an issue where accepting a cable tv sign through the HDMI inputs might result in a black screen.

Customers reported that should they held switching the television channels with the cable remote, sometimes they would just see a black display on the TV, even though the audio was still ok. Enhanced CUE file support. Resolved a compatibility problem with particular DSD data. Added help for briefly showing the current audio home elevators the gamer’s front panel when switching audio tracks.

If no language info is available, it is displayed as “AUD, Sample rate, quantity of stations”. Added assistance for straight changing the input supply by pushing the FEEDBACK switch followed closely by a numerical key, e.

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Dead increasing 2 goes on sale on September 24th on consoles (PS3, xbox 360 console), and on PC on 28th.

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