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Dec 08, ย ยท Come go to the NightTime customer fan club. Hamlic @Hamlic. Realizing that some body is inside there and seeking for you personally is creepy and bone-chilling. You have the ability to make the player feel insecure as well as on his or her feet through the gameplay. When Alex calls, you don’t wish to press that wrong button and answering that phone in fear you’ll not know where hes at.4/5(9). The Visitor is a point-and-click game in which you become an alien parasite that needs to eat the lifestyle beings to grow and dominate the world. Resolve the task in each scene and distribute the terror! Release Date October Developer visitors is made by Zeebarf (Jay Ziebarth). Features/10(K). More About Nighttime Visitor. Nighttime Visitor is an Action, First-person Perspective, Horror-Survival and Single-player gaming accessible to play on Windows system. The overall game happens within the building and places you within the role associated with protagonist full of a phone.


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More Info On Nighttime Visitor. Nighttime Visitor is an Action, First-person attitude, Horror-Survival and Single-player video game offered to use Windows system. The overall game happens within the building and places you in the part associated with protagonist full of a phone. Indie game store Free games Fun games Horror games. Game development Assets Comics. Product Sales Bundles. Jobs. Feed; Featured Creators; raincoil updated Nighttime Visitor. raincoil updated a game five years ago. 0. Nighttime Visitor. A downloadable online game for Windows. Added system Windows. View online game. More you might be thinking about. Error# $0. Nighttime Visitor makes great utilization of this auto mechanic, and the sound clips may also be on point. The photos are not that impressive, and the antagonist’s aesthetic design may not be to everyone’s tastes, but that is a great indie game that scary followers should definitely try. Submitted under. Horror game .
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Alex will call you and attempt to locate you because of the noise of one’s ringing phone. These days it is impossible to silence or turn someone’s phone off. And because of that, you’ll call Alex also , to try and find him in the same way.

Also, try slamming on some doorways. Perchance you’ll hear the responses to your questions through the opposite side. Esc – Pause menu from which you will see the controls, exit the game or change the choices. Weird this really is nevertheless being played plenty. Didn’t anticipate you to play it not in the small jam I managed to make it for. Nighttime Visitor had been produced in a few weeks. I prefer the idea, it seems others do too, but it’s not even close to becoming anything great.

Therefore I’m using the premise and investing a great deal of time to make something brand-new along with it. I would personallyn’t precisely call the latest online game a “remake”, i believe it would belong to “reimagining” territory.

You might consider this game a proof-of-concept for the brand-new game, or something. Anyway, take growth of it within my web log here:. Improve, Summer After a long time, I’ve fixed some more various issues. Alex’s AI has additionally been improved and changed a bit, and I have eventually optimized the overall game loads.

It should run way smoother for folks who experienced lag, and at the same time frame also look somewhat better. Unluckily, I had never ever noticed this myself until I saw other people perform and encounter it. Logically, the code worked correctly more often than not, but i did not consider the purchase it was executed, and under specific circumstances Alex would not work correctly.

But now that he should really be much more competent and consistent when I’ve made the fix. For the, the game is going to be harder too. Sign in with itch. This online game is annoyingly difficult. Include a sprint and a way to escape Alex and I’d love playing it.

Can’t wait to see it completely created. Never give up on this online game. It has prospective! I really like this online game. The layouts are awesome, in addition to designer should make an effort to make a creepier type of Alex.

I’m trying to get my YouTube channel well-liked by this game. Here is my video This online game could be very old right now. But i must say that it was not too bad. Just a bit aggravating when you yourself have no clue where to get. It will be easier in the event that you had an objective or atleast some feeling of path. Possibly even a way to not instantly encounter the tiny man. If you wanna see more, just just in case. I am talking about you will never know. Listed here is my video. It’s actually difficult if you do not focus on where you go and exactly how you utilize the calling auto mechanic.

That it is enjoyable regardless of if it took me quite a long time! Bro, you’ll need to visit your file explorer. Head to File explorer, and then click on “Downloads”, and then choose NighttimeVisitor. For just a little youngster to scare me personally helps make the online game so great and enjoyable to try out! Tho i did not escape trigger me afraid boi I uploaded it on a video!

Are available at Never worked once more. Actually liked this game! Really liked the telephone tag auto mechanic, would like to observe that implemented more often! Late to the online game but nonetheless very much enjoyed it! Knowing that someone is inside there and seeking for you is creepy and bone-chilling.

When Alex calls, that you don’t like to press that wrong button and answering that phone in fear you will not understand where hes at. Worry that I don’t understand and the funny looking killer are impressive games.

I am bad at playing scary games, but I enjoyed fun. Otherwise, i really like the overall game! Alex got myself from behind when. Nighttime Visitor. A downloadable game for Windows. You’re becoming pursued by Alex, therefore escape your unusual workplace. Proper interested, I’m making Nighttime Visitor anew. Efficiency has also been enhanced a bit, ideally.

Extra information. Status Released Platforms Windows Rating. Install directions Download, unzip, then operate NighttimeVisitor. Download Download NighttimeVisitor. Comments sign in with itch. GuppyLuvin 34 days ago. Hajaj 88 days ago 1 edit. Riribl days ago 1 edit. PugLover days ago. Deleted post times ago. Deleted 1 week ago. Assica times ago. IrukaSeneiandJojoFan days ago.

Twalls 1 year ago. The very first game Nakarama 12 months ago. Rycopene 1 12 months ago. I’m quite later to the party but here’s my game play! Midget Man days ago 1 edit. Midget Man-days ago.

This is the point. DemonicDragonRaven 1 year ago. Alanerd two years ago. This online game is super weird. TheWatcherYT two years ago. Faderman a couple of years ago. No person two years ago. AnonymousBoi 2 years ago.

FlyingFries 24 months ago. Gravity One 2 years ago. Hamlic 24 months ago. I am looking towards your future games. Never end developing. Adrian Gigica two years ago. Diplow 36 months ago. Hi i place your game in a compilation plus it ended up being the next game i played ๐Ÿ˜€ This game had myself laughing actually bad before the monster came out hes far too quickly. Funny , Horror , Ludum Dare 39 , company , phone.

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