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Jul 18,  · The Merge Dragons Healing surf Event will begin Friday July 19, @ 3PM GMT (New York Time). It’ll past 72 hours until Monday July 22, @ 3PM GMT. Make sure to keep tuned in in using the Live flow routine below and play along side Toasty and ensure you earn all of the rewards!!! Click The Buttons Below To find out more!!!Estimated Reading Time: 30 secs. Apparently just like most of the others we’ve had this season; the theme is a repeat, but the exact map layout, some rewards, and secrets is going to be different. There’s a page that lists all past events over within the online game wiki, if you want to see what it might seem like.:) level 1. Jul 17,  · This Merge Dragons Healing Waves Event Cloud Keys Guide can help demonstrate the keys needed to unlocked the Mystic Clouds with this brand-new aquatic event and assist to get all of the awesome rewards!!! CELEBRATION QUESTS. You Could Also Like. Merge Dragons Username May 1, Merge Dragons Fairy DragonsReviews: 2.


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Jul 19,  · with this Merge Dragons Healing Waves Event you will find extra rewards you will get by finishing most of the 10 Quests!!! The Nest of Hatched Owlet Griffons can simply be gained this way! Venture 1 | Merge 5 of Anything x Apr 15,  · If you have perhaps not healed the land where key shadow is, it won’t unlock, so make sure you heal that land in order to unlock the Healing Waves Event Keys! This Merge Dragons Healing Waves celebration Cloud Keys Guide can help demonstrate the secrets had a need to unlocked the Mystic Clouds for this brand-new mystical event and make it possible to get most of the awesome rewards!!!Reviews: Apr 18,  · Hi Everyone! In this video there is all cloud secrets. I tryed to make a speed operate event but I fall sleep in the end, lol! Anyway, here you will find everyt.

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During Merge Dragons Events you have Mystic Clouds you’re able to unlock to find out more items on new land to ensure can help you to conquer the function. In the guide above, you can see the Shadow Key that have to be unlocked to expose the Mystic Cloud. Heal the Shadow Key and then you should be able to position the appropriate Cloud Key, then it will be green and then you can unlock it!!!

This Merge Dragons Healing Waves Event Cloud Keys Guide may help show you the keys needed to unlocked the Mystic Clouds for this brand-new mystical event and assist to get all of the awesome rewards!!!

Also is it necessary to unlock all of them if you wish? I’ve healed so much land but are trapped on mushroom limits, I believe I merged them at the start because I’ve a spotted mushroom. Hi, I have merge the mushroom hats and recognize that it should be used for keys. Every other mushroom hats around? Can anybody tell me when you’re able to simply take things like occasion stars back once again to camp?

I know its at the end of the function BUT each time the event finished i acquired absolutely nothing back. When does the possibility to take things returning to camp take place? I’ve the nest of eggs plus 3 crimson, 3 tribal and 2 purple concern markings. Will these follow myself back to the camp following the online game stops? Thanks a lot for the livestreams and encouragement during events! VERY helpful!!! Quick question: I completed the map YAY!!! Is it possible and exactly how do i really do therefore? Hey Congrats on crushing it!!! Life Flower. Mushroom Caps. Spotted Shrooms – Degree 1.

Young Autumn Tree – Amount 3. Fancy Spirit Bottle – Amount 5. Moonflower – Level 5 Forgotten Flower. Golden Capsule Pink Circle. Mystery Nest Yellow Circle. Fallen Star Blue Circle. Rare Sunlight Starfish – Level 6 Starfishes. Plumeria – Level 6 Forgotten Flowers. Pinkberry Autumn Tree. Precious Amphorae – Level 6??? Restored Gaia Statue – Level 2. W8iml8 17 Apr Reply.

Bob 18 Apr Answer. Niken 18 Apr Answer. Any help are far appreciated! Toasty 18 Apr Reply. Many thanks so much giving a lot of positive energies!!! Andrew Johnson 18 Apr Reply. You cant bring those products back, make use of them to help in case! Cassie K 18 Apr Answer. How do I get three of this three graces rose to obtain the moon flower?? Viola 18 Apr answer. Toasty 20 Apr Answer.

Millene 18 Apr Answer. No worries no super dead land behind the secret nest mystic cloud! Felis Demens 20 Apr Reply.

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