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Oct 28, �� The Merge Dragons Halloween Occasion will begin Friday October 30th, @ 3PM EST (New York Time). It’ll last 72 hours until Monday November second, @ 3PM EST. Be sure to stay tuned in with the Live flow routine below, play along side Toasty and earn all of the rewards!!!Reviews: 2. #DURecorder #live ?? VHRTXITO Add Me!!! Merge Dragons! ?? ?????????? Oct 25, �� The rest of the dragons in the event: More tower protection guidelines. Recommended by purpledragonclaw. Go to this post. TJ09 k; 11, posts; Posted October 25, Share this post. Link to post – Halloween Event Theme. Dragon Cave (Default) Invision Blue.


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Oct 24, �� There are 10 Merge Dragons Halloween Event Rewards! Here i am going to show the point required for each reward as I discover every thing! Stay tuned!!! How many things does it simply take to accomplish the Event? 3+22++++++++=29, POINTS TOTAL. Oct 28, �� The Merge Dragons Halloween Event begins Friday October 30th, @ 3PM EST (New York Time). It’ll last 72 hours until Monday November 2nd, @ 3PM EST. Remember to keep tuned in in utilizing the Live Stream routine below, play along with Toasty and earn all the benefits!!!Reviews: 2. Oct 25, �� The rest associated with the dragons in the case: More tower protection recommendations. Recommended by purpledragonclaw. Go to this post. TJ09 k; 11, posts; published October 25, Share this post. Link to post – Halloween Event Theme. Dragon Cave (Default) Invision Blue.

Merge Dragons Fa-BOO-lous Halloween Event Rewards | Points Required
Merge Dragons Fa-BOO-lous Halloween Event Cloud Keys Guide

How many points does it just take to perform the function?
Merge Dragons Fa-BOO-lous Halloween Event Quests | Toasted Gamer Boutique

During Merge Dragons Events you have got Mystic Clouds you’re able to unlock to realize more items on new land to make certain that can help you to conquer the function. Within the guide above, you can see the Shadow Key that have to be unlocked to expose the Mystic Cloud. Heal the Shadow Key and then you will be able to put the appropriate Cloud Key, then it can look green and then you can unlock it!!!

This Merge Dragons Halloween celebration Cloud Keys Guide may help explain to you the keys had a need to unlocked the Mystic Clouds because of this new spooky event and help to get most of the awesome benefits!!! Will there be another degree one or two concealed behind a shadow area someplace? Unless a person is concealed behind another cloud. Life Flower Sprout.

Autumn Leaf. Missing Bud -Level 1 Forgotten Flower. Foxfire – Spirit Lantern Level 3. Moon Flower – Level 5 Forgotten Flower. Hero Mushroom – Amount 2 Mushroom. Restored Gaia Statue – Level 2. Dark Rose – Degree 2. Haunted Manor – Amount 6 Haunted Houses. Golden Capsule. Mystery Nest. Fallen Star. Laura 26 Oct Answer. Hi, Where did you discover the mushrooms to unlock that secret? Toasty 26 Oct Answer. Betty c 27 Oct Reply. Toasty 27 Oct Answer. Margaret Medina 26 Oct Answer. Can there be anyway to get another mushroom in case, I do not have enough to create a hero mushroom.

There are more mushrooms behind the Moon Flower Mystic Cloud! Louise 26 Oct Answer. Behind the Moon Flower Mystic Cloud! Cherie Bartolo 26 Oct Answer. There are 6 Zomblin Caves as a whole on this Occasion map and that means you should be able to get more! Colleen Gullick 27 Oct Answer. Andrea 1 Nov Answer. Toasty 1 Nov Reply. Soso 27 Oct Answer. Hello and thanks for your guidelines. Where could be the dark rose � level 2? Is it from the chart? Leave a Reply Cancel answer Comment. Enter your title or username to comment.

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