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71 Comments.HTC Thunderbolt Review: The First Verizon 4G LTE Smartphone


Jan 07, �� Hands-On: HTC ThunderBolt. Article feedback Jan 6, , PM by Rich Brome @rbrome. We go hands-on with HTC’s new LTE phone for Verizon. Discover what we fancy, what we cannot, how it Estimated browsing Time: 4 minutes. Apr 27, �� This half is HTC Thunderbolt, one other is everything about Verizon 4G LTE from a cellular perspective including two data cards and a WiFi : Brian Klug. Mar 22, �� However according to articles over on Engagdet Mobile, the HTC Thunderbolt 4G LTE on/off option have been discovered via a concealed test menu, plus the guys over at .


Lte onoff htc thunderbolt.App provides HTC Thunderbolt an LTE on / off switch | Engadget

Jan 07, �� Hands-On: HTC ThunderBolt. Article commentary Jan 6, , PM by Rich Brome @rbrome. We go hands-on with HTC’s new LTE phone for Verizon. Find out what we like, that which we cannot, how it Estimated viewing Time: 4 mins. Apr 03, �� In an endeavor to prolong battery life from the HTC ThunderBolt, the LTE OnOFF software is produced makes it possible for people who own the HTC ThunderBolt to show from the connection to Verizon’s 4G LTE pipeline; anyone who has remaining comments on the Android marketplace swear that the app does save battery pack life in the device Reviews: 8. Mar 22, �� nonetheless according to a write-up over on Engagdet Mobile, the HTC Thunderbolt 4G LTE on/off choice have already been found via a hidden test selection, and the dudes over at .
Hands-On: HTC ThunderBolt
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LTE onOFF lets you easily toggle 4G in the HTC Thunderbolt
LTE onOFF enables you to quickly toggle 4G in the HTC Thunderbolt

Hands-On: HTC ThunderBolt (Phone Scoop)

Method late. I was able to capture strep throat, arrived down with a large fever, then a sinus infection, and as a result missed my goal of having every thing Verizon 4G LTE – like the HTC Thunderbolt – wrapped up and published a few weekends ago.

A very important factor generated the other, and I guaranteed a number of readers both in email messages and on Twitter that it could be done a number of years before it ended up visiting fruition. Apologies if I made you recharge obsessively several times there. I like to believe that each part on the site has some insane product which defies reality when you are absolutely huge or defying physics in some manner.

So just how is the HTC Thunderbolt? The storyline of my impressions for this unit go all of the way back to a Qualcomm conference at CES when I had hands on with an operating type of the telephone that had everything but cellular connection.

In those days, i believe really the only remark I could mutter at a crowded dining table enclosed by Qualcomm employees, Vivek, and Anand was – wow, this thing is huge. In the final day of CES i obtained what would be my last couple of mins aided by the Thunderbolt, this time with working cellular connectivity and alongside a crowded lineup of other 4G LTE smartphones releasing this season.

No speedtests were permitted, just general internet browsing. It seemed that everyone knew that the Thunderbolt could be first, and that made it special. The handset itself features a dominant full-hand feel, with great ergonomics. Thickness is when the Thunderbolt is truly an outlier, at when you look at the mass department as well, the Thunderbolt is specced at grms with electric battery, though I sized once more, by simply virtue of having a 4.

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