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Yes, it is canon. I actually don’t think we are going to ever see a direct sequel. But, i do believe Gearbox has the legal rights to Tales (in terms of content and all that), therefore we will likely start to see the Tales figures involved as side characters or major DLC characters. Can’t wait for lots more borderlands. degree 1. SHIELDAgentLevel7. I might make cocoa! We could talk about males. 2 things · 5 years ago. I believe it will be, as a result of some significant things that happen in it that basically would not seem sensible if it was non-canon. So, yup, very canon! (And . Might 21,  · Canon changes to the Borderlands Universe*Spoilers*. In Tales we made a great many decisions, some big some minor yet others that forever changed the face of Pandora. If and when a new Borderlands comes out exactly what will the impact be of this choices we made. Major events that occurred no real matter what we did.


Is tales associated with the borderlands canon.Will this be canon? :: reports from the Borderlands General Discussions

Yes, it really is canon. I don’t believe we are going to ever see an immediate sequel. But, i believe Gearbox owns the rights to reports (in terms of content and all that), so we will probably begin to see the Tales characters involved as side characters or major DLC figures. May 21,  · Canon changes to your Borderlands Universe*Spoilers*. In reports we made a great number of decisions, some big some minor yet others that forever changed the face of Pandora. If as soon as a brand-new Borderlands comes out what is going to the impact be of this choices we made. Major events that took place regardless of what we performed. Oct 27,  · Everything which includes happened is canon to your Borderlands series. Well with the exception of certain choices like having men and women alive and the like Shade.

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Canon changes to your Borderlands Universe*Spoilers* — Telltale Community

Is this cannon? :: Tales through the Borderlands General Discussions

In stories we made a great many decisions, some big some minor among others that forever changed the face of Pandora. If so when a new Borderlands comes out what will the effect be of the alternatives we made.

Significant events that happened no matter what we performed. Gearbox verified a couple weeks ago that Borderlands 3 would be their particular next online game once they are completely through with Battleborn, and that it’ll be authored by Mikey Neumann the VA of Scooter.

As for modifications we possibly may see in BL3, we might have the return of Atlas weapons, as Rhys did resume Atlas, and along with this, the nearly specific disappearance of Hyperion tools given that Helios, & most likely all of Hyperion, is gone. I assume the Catch a Ride’s will likely be taken over by Janey Springs now that Scooter is fully gone, which was sort of confirmed in Tales.

Although, Neumann discussed the thought of creating Scooper, who will be Scooter’s child, but we don’t know if they will go forward with that concept. News of a 4th Vault orifice may have some results on material in Borderlands 3. i will imagine locations just like the crashed Helios and perhaps even Hollow aim being locations to go in Borderlands 3, possibly have actually figures like Vaughn, Loader Bot, Sasha, etc.

Really Helios becoming gone and Scooter dying are obviously likely to be the big ones for the next game. Ideally if they do try to implicate some reports figures, they wont be extremely big, and maybe just side quest givers, maybe some suggestions about Rhys and Fiona.

This really is mainly because I feel like Telltale should manage those figures probably the most, and so they may need to make choices cannon, which may defeat the point of Tales being cannon based on the play through, for instance, you meet August within the purple skag in which he talks about how he aided defeat he Traveler if the vault was established. Obviously with TWD, our alternatives from Season 1 carried over into Season 2, I am interesting if the exact same my work for Tales and BL3, even though they have been produced by two different businesses.

As well as for the ones that don’t play stories, they might simply randomize the options. I’m like it my work. Are you aware that character appearances, you could easily have a few the article writers from Telltale help write some bits and pieces of BL3 simply so they can make certain Gearbox gets the figures right.

Gearbox performed exactly the same when 2K Australia had been making The Pre Sequel, they lent some writers like Anthony Burch to assist them to on paper it, Telltale could effortlessly do the same. And speaking of Anthony Burch, that he did compose some big scenes concerning both Rhys and Fiona, and he was not a Telltale copywriter.

Ideally when they do try to implicate … much more some reports characters, they wont be really big, and maybe just side quest givers, possibly some hints about Rhys and Fiona. Please answer what choice you have made here! Clearly wi … more th TWD, our choices from Season 1 carried over into Season 2, I am inquisitive if the exact same can work for reports and BL3, even though they truly are made by two different organizations. I really don’t observe that happening, gearbox actually bioware.

I cannot, all were impulsive choices that don’t change the world itself. If Zer0 is when you look at the game, or essentially any personality you recruited for your Vault group, they could discuss using down the Traveler and starting the Vault. I’m not saying they have to be impactful choices and also have an enormous effect on the story, but in order to prevent any issues of making a particular option canon, like what Poogers is worried about, then simply have them carry over, regardless if they do not signify much.

It might be good but i truly do not see gearbox making the miniscule choices you provided carry over. It mustn’t even matter if you honored him, you should be in a position to talk to all of them about Scooter no real matter what. I certainly see gearbox just making them all the canon group and letting you speak with them in regards to the tourist vault.

If Janey and Athena … more are within the game, they could either be hitched or not. We have been on the same earth for just two games, and even though i enjoy how different the earth was from borderlands to borderlands We have already discovered 3 vaults in Pandora if you include stories.

Perhaps it is time to go big or go home. We want much more within the game for BL3. We truly need at the very least planets that we need certainly to travel from. We require 6 figures from the start. After all like they said in TPS, a war is coming. It is time to prepare. Yeah, well i believe because of the ending BL2 where it shows a map of different vaults on different planets therefore I imagine they’ll be a great deal of brand-new planets. Other people tired of Pandora? We’ve been on the same world for just two games, and though I really like how different the earth ended up being from borde … more rlands to borderlands It could be quite cool should they did bring your choices over but I agree about that they most likely would not carry-over the options from stories.

If Janey and Athena have been in the overall game, they could either be hitched or otherwise not. Gearbox will probably just make their particular marriage canon. Tector Hodunk had been alive but he had been a determinant in a mission to destroy him or even the the Zafords. Therefore I’m guessing misc side quests are not narrative canon. May in Tales from the Borderlands.

Rhys and Fiona joined the Vault of this Traveler and vanished, Helios space station was destroyed therefore the enduring Hyperion employees formed a brand-new tribe of bandits, the Children of Helios led by Vaughn. Any other people that might influence any future Borderlands games? May If when a brand-new Borderlands happens. Poogers posted: ». MetallicaRules posted: ». CrazedRabbit posted: ». ShaneGrimes uploaded: ». Bossanova’s dead so Bossanova had the most effective entry in borderlands.

Ain’t no rest when it comes to Wicked Except Roland. Check in to review in this discussion. Fast Links Groups Recent Conversations.

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